Just retyped up some thoughts from my computer.

I have such a fear of posting online, of posting online in any situation, even if posting anonymously. It most likely scares me more than socializing with friends. Because people don’t have any connection with you, they don’t like you, they have no reason to pretend to like you, they don’t know you, and they can and will say whatever they think about you. But that’s the fantastic thing, people say what they think and they mean. It gives you a place to speak your thoughts. It’s just bloody top hat tippingly marvellous. And then there is the posting on Facebook, that’s a whole new level of terrifying what the fuckery. I do have Facebook, I tend not to post much and when I do I have to revise it repeatedly, and the moment I’ve clicked “Post Status” it I wonder why I posted it. . It’s such a pointless collection of posts,so many people who crave attention, who feed off it, they sink to the lowest common denominators to get the attention. (Didn’t know you did maths? I don’t do it well.)

Oh wait, I’m afraid I have a nasty surprise for you. (Excited! I’m sure it’ll be loverly though). Assuming there is a you and therefore assuming someone is actually reading this shit. It’s probably not worth your time, and for that, I do apologise and if you feel like leaving at any time, please do. Anyway, I was on something about a surprise, the surprise being.

Another rant, oh joy joys I know. It always feels good to rant everything out, people should certainly do it more often.  

What is the point of life? Proper cliché question, I know, I know. (I don’t think cliche should be a negative word. Most of the times cliches are labelled as such because they’re common, but doesn’t that mean they’re more true?(Thank fuck that you get it!) Because they’re relevant to so many people.) But, like, you finish college, either go to work, or head on to university. If you’re lucky you get to go hitchhiking or travelling. But most can’t afford it. So, you go through university then you get a job – got to pay bills and that – then you settle down, find a person who you care about but may not love. Then comes one kid and maybe another. And then what? You just move in the pattern, getting steadily and steadily more dug in to it. Sometimes you see your friends but not often. You’re too tired to go out for a walk, to see a film or even to read. You just sit in front of the tv/computer doing nothing. Wake up, take the kids to school, go to work, come home, cook for the family, help kids do homework, get them to bed, watch TV, go to bed, go to sleep. That’s it, day after day after day. Then when the kids leave, you and your partner don’t have anything to say, it’s been so long since they spent time together they don’t know how to behave around each other, how to act. So, why do we do it? Because that doesn’t sound fun, it sounds terrifyingly mindlessly mundane. And it won’t change, that pattern will not change for years, and years, and years because the society we live in promotes this. They show it in a wholesome loving, even glamorous light, and this routine will continue through the ages. How can that be all someone wants from life? Maybe it’s just me, but it just marvels me, I guess I can see the temptation, but it’s just so repetitive, so endless. 

I think that’s probably all there is, only if that’s all you make of it. It may seem like a pattern from the outside, but it could just be doing things you enjoy, when you can and following the structure of things you have to do. Indeed it could and i appreciate that, i think people should do what makes them happy, this was a very small observation or thought that doesn’t represent my full opinion on the matter. Simply something i typed out one day.If you question things and aim for enjoyment, rather than material things, than I reckon it’s more worthwhile, less monotonous. Most certainly!  Interesting stuff though, let’s hope it inspires some comments (hint hint). 



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7 responses to “Just retyped up some thoughts from my computer.

  1. It was worth my time;-)

  2. I’m right there with you on the facebook feelings. It makes people look so desperate and pathetic sometimes. I’m fully enjoying my break from it!

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