Thoughts on The Twilight Saga

Little extra note thing : I dont think that liking somthing means its good. I like sooooo many things that are essentially shit.  But i’m a firm believer in enjoying as much as possible, regardless. Enjoyment dosn’t have to be related to quality. Also if there are any references in this to when i watched it they are now kinda irrelevant because this has been sat in drafts for a while 🙂 

Right, Twilight can inspire three main thought groups (I hope that makes sense, I’m flying a little high whilst writing this). Obviously people have various different reactions, but these are I would see as the main reactions.


2) Meh, Twilight. Simply don’t care.  

3) Fuck Twilight! Absooute bullshit! Fuck it to its core!

Now, everyone is entitled to their opinion. Much power to that. I’m not aiming to change anyone’s opinion, just talking about some thoughts on it all.

I kinda have a few feelings about it. One is that the thought that lets face it, it doesn’t exactly send a great message to teenage girls. Regardless of whether you like it, don’t like it,  or don’t care. It does send a message that you should marry someone who you ‘ve known for something like 2 years, when your 18 and have a child when neither have of a personal income or secure job prospects (that’s perhaps the most mature thing I’ve written and have no idea if it makes sense). If that’s what you really want to do, go for it, be happy, that’s what matters. But it’s not necessarily the best message to give in books and films that are essentially directed at pretty impressionable, quite young girls. In all honesty, I have read all the books and seen all the films. The books, everyone was talking about it and I had nothing to read. Then, it became a matter of just wanting to see it through I guess. Felt like I wanted to see it to the end. I always found it quite entertaining, regardless of its quality  it was something to read and watch. Why not.  

On to what spurred me to make this post, I saw Breaking Dawn (Heh, immature but still funny) Part 2. And honestly quite liked it (however I like most things, and it doesn’t always mean its good), it was better than the previous ones: the writer made it a bit better, the camera work was good, it had a nice feeling and the fight scene was good. If you’re emotionally invested in the characters then the twist will make you happy.

The thing is: Personally, I like the idea of  vampires who can have special powers. I like the idea of the Volturi (Gooogle!). I liked the idea of half vampire, half human babies. I quite like the whole wolf, vampire pact thing. I like the gathering of friends from around the world to protect said baby.  But, it just doesn’t work. A good part of it is because of the way its written, it made in to a poor tween fiction series. Some of the ideas were good, but they weren’t executed right to start  with. 

I can never think how to end a post or start a post, in the same way I never quite know if I start and end conversations in the right way, assuming there is a right way. Then again, I never know what I’m doing in the middle of a post or conversation either so I guess I’m just kind of clueless.  What I mean to say is for now I’ve run out of things to say, I cant think of anything I want say on twilight at the moment. May add in future if I have an  epiphany on the matter. Anyways, yeah, done writing. I’d say farewell, but that might seem a bit strange.

So, Toodle Pip!!



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