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My First Post

Note to Pseudonym : That was one freaky noise, I kept hoping NPH would turn up in a car with shrooms and we’d go on ¬†an adventure. ¬†Aha, people going to find this kind of stuff weird if they don’t read a lot. Oh well though, that’s their fault. We’re having fun. ūüôā¬†

Also, I think I managed to post it in the right place. Fingers crossed anyway. Yayy, we so good at computers!

Right, first post, part of me feels like its a¬†momentous¬†occasion (hell yeah gurll!), and part of me feels like no-ones going to read this so why post anything about anything.(Bit morbid aha).¬†But there has to be a first post, if you don’t have a first one, then you cant have a 2nd one, (yes, I typed 2nd because I swear I’ll spell it wrong otherwise and look like a small brained twatnose¬†(you never sound like a twatnose! I find brackets inside brackets confusing for some reason..)) or a 3rd one and so-on.

Alot of my posts will be pretty varied. Anything from about how i dropped my toast to my view on politics and the meaning of life or some shit. ¬†I’m¬†kind of assuming and hoping that no-one will read this, because if people do, then they can judge and say mean and¬†hurtful¬†things ¬†and¬†that’s¬†never fun. Just pretty upsetting. So if you do read this and want to say¬†something¬†unnecessarily¬†hurtful, please¬†don’t. Just close the page, problem solved.

Assuming people read these posts, and keep reading them for some¬†peculiar¬†reason here are some¬†titbits (or is it tidbits?) (I vote titbits)¬†of possibly helpful¬†information. I will use a fair few naughty swears in my posts, there may even be some¬†references¬†to drugs and¬†alcohol¬†– oh how very¬†scandalous¬†(ohhh), I thought I ought to warn you,¬†don’t¬†want your panties getting in a twist, or your¬†bison’s¬†getting in a jam. (Ahaha, like this!)¬†If you have any questions about or any issues with anything I post, please comment, email¬† or whatever (you can find the email in the about us).¬†

I have no clue how often me or Pseudonym will post, um, hopefully¬†at least¬†once a week.¬†Maybe more, or maybe less. ¬†(I’ll aim for one a week to start with, unless I’m inspired to do more. But we’ll get the feel for it soon I’m sure).

If you’re still reading at this point, thank you for reading, I appreciate it, you’re just completely swell!! And I promise i’ll try and make future posts a whole load better.¬†(Yeeehaw!)¬†


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