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Good Morning World *coughAfternooncough*

We are here, to vent and rant and chat and bollocks. We’re lovely people, i swear. Can’t vouch for our mental stability, but then who can seriously?

You may have noticed the mutli-coloured tendencies of our writing. This is because were racially sensitive, and one of us may possibly have been dipped in chocolate or dirt at birth, it depends how you want to see it. We’ll let you decide which one it is (it’s the one with the bad grammar).

What we’d like to do in this section is to introduce our blog and let people know what kind of thing to expect, however we have no idea what to expect ourselves, so this incoherent mess will have to do.  

I guess a lot of things in here, could seem or sound offensive – they are not meant to be. 

Most blogs will be written by one or other of us, but now and then you’ll get the honour of seeing us in action together. Most blogs will be shite (but humorous, hopefully). This line is essentially to emphasise that most blogs will be shite (but humorous, hopefully)

If anyone is actually reading this, feel free send us a message or email us a questions (pseudonymsanonymous@gmail.com 

Disclaimer: Nothing we write should be held against us or taken too seriously. Most of it may be the products of drug-induced anger. We’re good people, promise.

For the record, all names and places are made up due to keeping our anonymity. (That’s a big thing for us here at PseudonymsAnonymous).


Colour-code explanation:

Red- Anonymous

Blue- Pseudonym

Purple- Joint effort


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